Hello, and welcome to Sensible Education, Workshops.

This workshop, educational business is proudly run by Charles Kos, PhD (History), especially for corporate team players.

About... Sensible Education

We run TWO Workshops, only.

1) Intuition in Business, to improve the 'flow' of a workplace. How you can increase 'luck'. It has been found that luck can be increased with a change in certain behaviours. Once this improves, everything improves in your own life, and the lives of those around you.

2) We also run workshops in Charles' Specialty: Leadership, with historical examples, to transform your business. Who is right for which role? Which personalities fit where? Why do some 'prosperous' organizations suddenly fail while 'mediocre' businesses can prosper and succeed. It all boils down to personality, backed by historical example. Get ready for an inspirational, and fun weekend workshop!

For my public-speaking educational business, in partnership with Mr Nathan Berriman, and of which we are very proud, please see www.speakwithease.com.au

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What we provide

I want to transform your team into significantly more-effective achievers. Workshops are about education, learning and sharing experiences. They are also about inspiration and morale building. Worksheets/Workbooks, and all required information will be provided. Members of your group will 'learn by doing.' The workshops are friendly, captivating and effective. One of the key things I contribute, however, is a real and genuine passion.

Why am I in this business?

I have a genuine desire to help people and a passion for teaching and running workshops and seminars. Skills are built by practice, education and application. I can help with all three, in my workhops, to make highly-effective people, probably even more effective!

Like all skills, an effective grounding is absolutely necessary.

As far as personal rewards go, it is a real pleasure to see people transform from 'interested acheiver', towards approaching something like 'pro-level.' I enjoy the excitement in people's faces, as they realise they have locked new realisations, paradgims and skills under their belt.

I believe that my workshop products, are well 'over and above' that delivered by many of my competitors in the speaking and workshop industry. This is on a value, as well as an effectivity basis.

Dr Charles Kos
Charles Kos

Our Unique Philosophy

I believe that education really is power. It is my passion and joy to impart this power upon my customers to hopefully give them the boost they need, in business and life.


Charles Kos (Publisher, Leadership-Skills Specialist), is an Advanced Toastmaster and public speaker. He has many-years, public-speaking experience.

Charles has been described as having a very unique set of detective-like research skills. This allows him to cut to what really matters, the heart, and key issues, behind any problem. As a Hobby Business, Charles runs an entertainment-based youtube channel Charles Kos, devoted to history and archaeology. With the showman skills he gleaned in a previous career running a tours business, Charles speaks in an exaggerated, entertaining and captivating manner, which has gleaned him 45,000 subscribers. He also has a self help channel, "Dr Charles' Thelucky" and he is the author of self-help books on Public Speaking and Success.

I look forward to working with your team soon.

Best Regards,

Dr Charles Kos.